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Dagga Farmacy is a family-owned Cannabis nursery

We provide adoption of our hand-selected phenotypes in various sizes to growers across South Africa, who are members of our Grow Club.

Dagga Farmacy nursery

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Dagga Farmacy’s roots started with the desire to source, protect and then distribute the best representatives of popular Cannabis strains suitable for the South African garden. We worked hard along this path, and we were also very lucky.

Today, we have an ever-expanding mother bank hosting some of the best-selected phenotypes of many classic and some modern-day strains. We have made our top selections and surplus plants available to the public through our Dagga Farmacy Adoption Surplus List, a staple for many growers and something they look forward to every week.

As a collective, however, we wanted to bring the grower so much more and to assist a wider, but focused, network to grow the best Cannabis they can. Our wish to teach what we have learned and to share the products and methods that we have come to trust through the years has birthed the Dagga Farmacy Grow Club.

We also believe that our members have an astonishing amount of useful information, products and skills to share.

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Since buying or selling of Cannabis plants is not currently legal in South Africa, we offer our plants up for adoption (we want to see as many people as possible growing their own). We charge an adoption fee that covers our costs such as time, effort, skill, soil, nutrients, etc.

  1. Decide which strains you want based on our latest adoption surplus list.
  2. Contact us to keep those plants aside for you.
  3. Arrange collection/delivery.
  4. Pay the adoption fee (and delivery fee if applicable) on collection/delivery.

We have an adoption surplus list that we update weekly on a Sunday. Join our WhatsApp Group, Telegram Channel or Email List to have it sent directly to you every week, or keep an eye on @DaggaFarmacy on Facebook or Instagram as we post it there as well.

Adoption fees:

  • Small plants = R150 each
  • Medium plants = R300 each
  • Large plants = R550 each

We accept cash and EFT. Please let us know if we should send you bank details.

We are based in Paarl, and we can deliver to Cape Town and the Boland at R200 delivery fee. Please enquire for deliveries further afield in the Cape Winelands.

Yes! Let us know when you would like to come through, and we will send you location details. We grow from home, so we value our privacy and only make our location available to you when you have arranged a day and approximate time. We are based in Paarl.

We prefer not to courier plants but we are willing to package the plants at a reasonable packaging fee if you arrange the courier yourself. Please note that both the cost and risk of shipping live plants across the country is yours.

  • Monday to Saturday: 9am – 4pm
  • Sunday: CLOSED

WhatsApp us at any time, but messages outside of the above hours will have delayed responses.